There is a Turkish proverb that tells us that “no matter how far you have travelled on the wrong road, it is never  to late to turn around”.  Tharina van Wyk, a student at Enslins Chartered Accountants , is an embodiment of this proverb.

At 30 years of age most professionals see themselves near the top of their profession.  Tharina was no exception.  With a B.Com International Trade and Marketing from North West University,

B.Com Honors from the University of South Africa, a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of the Free State and as well as an Advanced Certificate in Exports and also a Diploma in Sports Administration Diploma, she found herself in a job that she enjoyed.

It was then that she realised that she rather want to become a chartered accountant.  She resigned from her job and enrolled for a B.Compt degree at the University of South Africa. She joined Enslins Chartered Accountants as a student.  The reason for choosing Enslins was made easy by the fact that they were willing to give her a chance and to structure her employment that

enabled her to make the career change.  She subsequently completed her B.Compt degree in 2 years instead of the customary 3 years and is currently attempting the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting.

Her decision to switch careers had and still has major financial implications, Tharina believes that in the bigger scheme of things 5 years of your life are nothing.  She was not afraid to make the change and was rewarded with a journey that thus far has been unbelievable.

She will recommend a career in chartered accounting to any prospective student who has all the “standard left brain traits” like attention to detail. She also strongly believes that contrary to popular belief a Chartered Accountant should also have  “very good people skills because we actually work with the people behind the numbers”.

Enslins Chartered Accountants is, in her opinion, the ideal company for students in their final year of study.  At Enslins a student is not only exposed to different aspects of the profession (not  only auditing as is the case in most of the big firms) but will be guided and mentored by people who take pride in what they do and take responsibility for their actions and decisions.  Enslins is also an employer who is mindful of the fact that you need to study and they really help where they can. It is a good environment to work while studying part time.

Enslins also exposed her to a BEE training course, taught her to “Give someone the benefit of the doubt” and she learned that if your work is fun then time flies.

Tharina changed the road that she travelled and started a new journey.  Today she is content in in the knowledge that as a dedicated hardworking and conscientious student she can contribute to her chosen profession. She is also securely following this new road because she knows that Enslins Chartered Accountants are accompanying her on this journey.