It is only on a sound foundation that a successful career as charted accountant can be build.

Lafras Moolman, a former article clerk and manager at Enslins, subscribes to the the above and believes the values of integrity, honesty and sincerity that was ingrained in him during his time at Enslins will continue to be his guiding principles throughout his life.

Lafras is one of the proud products of Enslins. He was born in Port Elizabeth, matriculated at Vaalharts High School in Jan Kempdorp and studied at the Universities of Stellenbosch, Free State and UNISA. In choosing a company to complete his articles he used at the following criteria: a medium, size company that focusses on public practice.

He is of the opinion that at Enslins he was exposed to excellent development and training opportunities over the whole spectrum of charted accounting. This enabled him to complete his Board exam at the first time of writing in 2006.

It must also be said that Lafras stressed that Enslins is a special working environment because it is more than just work: his fondest memories are the annual social events e.g. The hunting trips to the Eastern Cape.

Since Lafras finished he’s articles he became a partner at Gerber Botha & Gower in Somerset East. He is married to dr. Franke Moolman and they have 3 beautiful children. He has been a director of Enslins Public Audit & Consulting since 2014. Lafras qualified as a B-BBEE Approved Registered Auditor in 2015.

Lafras believes that any students who are in their final year of their studies that needs a firm to article at must seriously consider Enslins. He asure that for you. Lafras believes that at Enslins you will not only get all the necessary exposer to everything the financial world has to offer but that you will receive a sound foundation to build your successful career on. Make sure that you take out as much as possible from your articles and learn as much as you can.

If you are interested in doing your articles at Enslins follow this link and fill in the registration form: