Industries we serve

Industries that are covered by our wide range of services includes the following:
Farming is one of the core industries in Free State, Northern Cape & North West Province. Farming activities range from livestock, maize, wheat, lucerne, oats, olives, potatoes, onions and similar produce. We service all parties involved in the agricultural production chain from small farmers to large Cooperatives.
Manufacturing in the central region of South Africa contributes to maintaining the economy of our regions and creates jobs for many people. We service a wide range of clients in the manufacturing industry.
The Northern Cape is well known for its diamond industry and we offer services in this sector to a wide range of diamond digging companies and dealers.
Health is important to each and everyone and our clients include health professionals such as doctors, dentists and specialist docters practising alone or in well known national franchise companies. Furthermore we offer services to clinics and similar health facilities.
The following professionals are covered by our services ie. Attorneys, Judges, Advocates, Sheriffs, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects etc.
General trade and wholesale
This includes businesses that contributes to the general economy of a town or city. It ranges from very small shops to big wholesalers.
We offer services to the local and provincial governments in the form of auditing and consultation services.
Because the countryside is situated far from the big centres, we have many clients involved in transport.
Schools and colleges
Although we operate in the countryside there are 1000's of schools in our vicinity and we offer auditing and accounting services to a large number of schools, colleges and private schools.
NGO´s are governments initiatives to improve quality of life of the people in the countryside. We like to be involved in this sector and already have a large number of NGO´s for which we render services.
Non-profit organisations
These include organisations that are well known organisations as well as those that are not so well known but still provide essential services to people with specific needs.
Estate agents
This includes their business and trust accounts.
Property development
The central region of South Africa is still developing and new property developments are an every day sight these days. We have clients that are involved in property developments in our regions.