Taxation services are provided to both natural and statutory persons and our taxation department is up to date with all the latest amendments and changes in South African Tax Legislation as implemented by SARS

We understand that to keep up with all the latest tax developments can be a frustrating task, however with our in-house expertise and taxation knowledge, we can turn the nightmare into a dream, by ensuring that all your relevant business and personal tax matters are up to date, for your peace of mind.


Why is this important?

Tax planning is the art of arranging your affairs in ways by taking advantage of beneficial tax-law provisions, increasing and accelerating tax deductions and tax credits, and generally making maximum use of all applicable tax breaks available.

Although many people know the importance of both tax planning and financial planning, many people fail to make the connection between the two. When a person sets out to plan his or her financial future there are many things to consider.

One factor that many overlook, however, is that taxes are often the single greatest expense they will have in their lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to consider your tax planning as part of your financial planning. In order to get the greatest return on your investment.

By knowing and understanding important tax laws and regulations you can avoid some potentially huge mistakes that could cost you significant amounts of money. There are many mistakes people make when it comes to taxes and financial planning, that could be easily avoided.

One of the best ways to prevent these kinds of mistakes is to seek professional tax planning help.



The following taxation services are available:

  • Application for registration and deregistration of all direct and indirect taxes;
  • Application for exemption from income tax (NPO’S, Schools, Churches, etc.);
  • Application for request for Tax Clearance (Good standing and or Tender).
  • Calculation and submission of Provisional Tax returns;
  • Calculation of Annual Income Tax;
  • Calculation of other Taxes, (Capital Gains Tax that is included under Income Tax, Dividend Tax, Donation Tax, Estate Duty Tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL, Turnover Tax and VAT)
  • Completion and submission of Provisional Tax Returns;
  • Completion and submission of Annual Income Tax Returns;
  • Completion and submission of other Tax Returns (Dividend Tax, Donation Tax, Estate Duty Tax, PAYE, UIF, SDL, Turnover Tax and VAT).
  • Monitoring of deadlines on submission of returns and other information between SARS and the client;
  • Audit assistance and advice into assessments issued by SARS;
  • Formulation of responses and direct communication with SARS;
  • Arrangement for deferred tax payments and objections to SARS;
  • Assistance with Penalties and Interest charges raised by SARS.