Now, more than ever, the world needs farmers with fresh thinking. Producers who work smartly to find new ways. These are the people who inspire us at GWK to keep innovating, so that we can help our farmers move the boundaries of what is possible. We continuously discover new and better ways with farmers to produce the best agricultural products for the world. With our origin on the farm, we link consumers to the value that agriculture offers.

It is also these farmers who continually inspire constant renewal at GWK, to remain at the forefront as the most innovative farmer business.

Starting as two separate co-ops in Douglas and Prieska, the amalgamation lead to an international company with branches in most provinces in South Africa. Our brand also symbolises that sweet spot where two things come together to form a stronger force, whether it be the mighty Vaal and Orange Rivers in Douglas where our head office is, or our farmers and staff, or GWK and our trusted partners.

One of these partners is Enslins Auditors, with whom we have formed and cherished a valued relationship since 1993. Enslins has been a part of GWK’s growth and plays a cardinal role in driving our business forward.

By continually growing along with our partners, we keep our farmers in a position to achieve the impossible. Owned by farmers, we are for farmers.

That is why we have recently launched the first farmer-owned brand of consumer products. Nature’s Farms is the new, fresh brand under which we manufacture and distribute pasta, flour and biscuits with true origin on the farm. Every product is named after one of our expert family of farms and made with wholesome ingredients sourced from our local farmers.

Other consumer products include our award winning Landzicht wines, GWK Meat, maize meal and the popular 100% Braaipap.

Apart from these, we support our farmers every step of the way by giving input on the farm, supplying all products and services and developing channels to both national and international markets for their products.

We believe that farmers are heroes, the modern explorers of our time. And we will continue discovering ways to support them in their journey of feeding the world.

GWK. Innovate agriculture.