In the current competitive job market it can be  stressful experience to find a new job.

In the first place you must find a suitable job, then you need to apply and then you hope and pray to get an invite to the interview for the job. Finding a a new job is always a stressful experience. Finding the right job that is sufficient, to applying and hoping to get the message that you have an interview.

There are ways that can assist you to make the process more organised and less time consuming.  It will help you to feel more in control of the process and make the  process less time consuming and less stressful. The following are useful tips to smoothen the process of finding a new job.

Write different resumes

Don’t use a generic resume when you apply for a new job. Even when applying for for two or more jobs that are seemingly in the same field, closer inspection of the advertisement will show that each job has ia different focus. Make sure that your resume speaks to the specific focus of the post that you apply for. Make your resume more relevant by rephrasing the section on previous positions/ experience so that it shows how it can add value for the new prospective employer. It is also important to review the section on skills and to indicate how your skills set will be beneficial for the job you apply for.

Let your cover letter be a focal point

Create a number of different templates of cover letters by using the same framework. This will save you time and will enable you to focus on the other critical components of the letter.  The cover letter will form a prospective employer’s first impression of you.  This letter must give the prospective employer a first glimpse of you as a potential employee and you must therefore cover briefly a variety of salient focus areas that you want the reader must take note of.

You must also ask someone else to proof read your letter and resume and then to correct any mistakes.

Apply for all the relevant jobs available:

If you look at a job and it looks interesting but not exactly what you where looking for you will probably pass it over: don’t. The more jobs you apply for, the higher your probability  of getting a job. The one you pass over might have been the perfect job for you. Never judge a job by it’s advertisement.

Stay positive:

Once you have submitted the applications it is important to stay positive. Stress is negative energy that only contributes to a low self esteem.

Even if you are not successful at first, keep believing and use a rejection to learn – use it as an opportunity to to improve your resume and your cover letter. This will also help your overal attitude.

A final word: The process of job seeking is hard and worrisome and it is only natural if you are anxious but with these tips you can make the process a bit less stressful and make you feel in control. Make sure you stay positive.