As we enter the last phase of the year that was 2016 everyone is starting to feel a drop in energy levels and it is the body and mind is readying itself for a break to renew the depleted energy levels.

In the timeline of any business it is now the opportune time to adhere to the tested adage that “planning is what we do to master the future”, to ensure that their goals for 2017 are reached.

Over the next couple of weeks we will provide guidance on how you can ready your business for 2017.  By starting now you business will not only be prepared for the challenges of 2017, but will also leave sufficient time for the much needed end of the year break.

The critical first piece of advice is: Get online ASAP!

According to technology will be a staple component for every business that plans to to be competetive in the markets of 2017.

Although social media gave us a whole new platform to get our business noticed, having a website still has relevant advantages.

It is very important to develop a website for your business. Content management platforms like WordPress will allow you easy management of a website to build your businesses online even if you have with minimal technical know-how.

The following are but a few important reasons why you need a website for your business.

The internet is an effective low cost tool for marketing your business. Statistics show that 2.4 billion people access the the internet daily and that 90% of them use the internet either to look for business online, or to buy products or services online. No competitive business can afford the opportunity to tap into the potential clientbase that is created by taking a business online.

Your website is an online brochure of your company where potential customers can online read more about you as well as the products or services you offer and any of your products or services online.

If the marketing strategy of you your business is built on networking and personal interaction then your prospective clients will want access your website to get more information on the company/firm that they intend doing business with.

A website is also an effective instrument to communicate with your customers. By having a website, you can keep customers updated on your newest offers, products, promotions, events, photos ect.

Building a big sky scraper might look impressive, but if you want to build a brand that is recognized by everyone and that will help you to become a market leader you need a website to bring that dream to life.

This might seem to be small first step but just remember that successful journeys start with a first step. The development of of a website can take time and technical know how that you don’t have. Be smart and use web designers that will understand and capture the core values of your company/ firm and and let them help you to get your business online.