Entrepreneurs seize an opportunity while other people will not even realize that there was an opportunity.

The story of Charles and  Raedun Malherbe  is a case in point.  These valued clients of Enslins bought the farm Pax on the banks of the Vaal river in 1967 and started farming with various produce & livestock. Late one Sunday night in 1968 a relative of Charles phoned and told him that one of his sows had died and there where 12 piglets in need of care, Charles and Raedun decided to take care of these piglets on the stoep of their farm house. They did not simply play substitute parents for the piglets, but saw a definite business  opportunity and and MALU piggery was born.

Through hard work, a quality product, excellent service and a dedication to quality  MALU grew to what it is today:  the largest producer of pork in the Northern Cape & Free State. The main product for years the whole pig carcass but lately they started with meat processing and now our customers can buy various ready-made pork cuts from their abbatoir and  soon they will be opening a meat processing plant with a factory shop in Kimdustria.  The company has grown to such an extent that it has turned into a diverse group of companies, involved from primary agriculture to producing some of the finest pork meat in South Africa.

The true entrepreneur also has a clear vision and MALU is no different. They strive to soon become exporters of their ready-made pork cuts to various countries.

It is interesting to note that Enslins played a critical professional role in the groth of MALU. Enslins served MALU over the last 30 years with sound and excellent business advice as well as providing prompt financial solutions.  MALU describes this as a life long relationship because Enslins taught them honest and straightforward business principles. That is why they will recommend Enslins to any established company in need of charted accounting services. Their advice to owners of newly established businesses is to surround you with professional specialists in all areas of your business and in their field Enslins is such a professional specialist.

It is clear why the life long relationship between a successful MALU and Enslins was established: Quality, Qualty and Quality.

To know more about MALU Pork visit their website: malupork.com